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Adjustment of product surface treatment

Hits:526   Date:2023-09-26

In August, our company visited various surface treatment suppliers and conducted in-depth exchanges on surface treatment matters including electroplating, electrophoresis, and spray painting.

The Procurement Department communicated with suppliers about delivery delays in the first half of the year, and provided some improvement measures and suggestions on-site to suppliers. It also visited the supplier's production site to understand the online operation process, and collected relevant production capacity information from the supplier. information and discussed issues related to material turnover. Both parties also look forward to better improvements in quality and timely delivery during the cooperation process in the second half of the year.

The company responded positively to the company's concerns about quality and its desire for common development and growth, and provided corresponding improvement measures and plans. At the same time, Xiangrong Company also received feedback from suppliers on the actual situation and confirmed with the technical center where adjustments could be made. The communication finally reached the following consensus: